Why Choose Us?

Holy Family offers a comprehensive Preschool to Year 6 pathway for students in the Catholic tradition. We foster close links with our nearest Catholic Secondary College, St Mary Mackillop College through a range of sporting and leadership programs.

Early Learning Centre

Holy Family's Early Learning Centre provides a flexible alternative to traditional preschools or childcare. Expert staff, including fully qualified Early Childhood Teachers and Educators, provide a comprehensive, play-based program preparing children well for Kindergarten. Parents and Carers of Preschool children can take advantage of before and after school care and a vacation program offered onsite. The outside of hours care is led by the Preschool educators working with the children during the day.

Primary School Inquiry Based Program

Our primary school inquiry program fosters the development of a growth mindset in students, where children are challenged to ask questions and seek knowledge. At Holy Family, we encourage students to be curious about the world around them, providing opportunities for spontaneous and independent inquiry. Holy Family places a strong emphasis on skills development in the early years and Infants' teachers are supported by a dedicated Early Years Coach.

Student Leadership Program

Our student leadership program begins in Year 5, with our Mediation Mates Program. All Year 6 students participate in a comprehensive leadership program including Peer Support, the Kindergarten Buddy Program, Stewardship Groups and some students participate in the Student Representative Council.

Representative Opportunities 

Students have opportunities to represent the school in a variety of areas, including debating competitions, rostrum and in one of our many sporting teams. There are numerous opportunities for students to participate in sporting gala days and sports competitions. 

Partnership with University of Canberra 

Holy Family has developed close links with the University of Canberra. Undergraduate students studying STEM Education complete their Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) Science unit onsite. University lecturers from the University of Canberra work closely with teachers across the school to create engaging experiences for the university undergraduate students and Holy Family students. This collaboration began with a small group of 8 undergraduate students in 2016 and has grown over the years.

Highly-Qualified Teachers

Our dedicated staff continually develop their professional practice through participation in regular professional development. Teachers participate in Action Research projects each year, presenting their findings at the school's annual Teacher Inquiry Project nano-conference. 

STEM Program

Holy Family launched its Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program in 2017. This program has been supported by the Australian National University and the University of Canberra. Academics, graduate students and undergraduate students work with teachers and students at Holy Family to develop in-demand STEM skills to prepare our students for a changing world.

STEM banner

Before and After School Care 

The school provides a before- and after-school program and vacation care program. The program for students in Kindergarten and Year 1 is run through the school's Early Learning Centre while students from Year 2 onwards are cared for by COOSH. Our COOSH offers a diverse program, including a homework club, sporting activities and off-site excursions.